Comprehensive hotel management software

HOTELLINX hotel management software allows you to manage all the details in one place.

A simple, reliable system with endless interface options saves you time and money while enabling you to have a complete overview of what’s going on in your hotel.

Spa hotels

Hotellinx is a complete solution for spa hotels where the amount of administrative work is higher than usual.


Hotellinx is very capable. It meets all the administrative needs of the hotel and leaves room for future development.

Smaller accommodation establishments

You can successfully use Hotellinx software to manage smaller accommodations.

Thousands of hotels in more than 20 countries trust and use Hotellinx.

Hotellinx Systems Ltd
A lot of options

Hotellinx makes hotel management look easy

Hotel management is a complex job and requires attention to detail. Hotellinx software makes this otherwise tricky job more manageable and consolidates all the necessary information into one system.

Reservations, cleaning schedules, spa treatments, additional services, restaurant reservations, accounting, division of labor, and business analytics are just some of the capabilities of Hotellinx.

Sometimes the hotel owner does not need the whole package with bells and whistles. As a result, the Hotellinx software can be optimized and used only for what you need to manage your hotel.

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We make management easy

What does Hotellinx support?

There are endless possibilities with Hotellinx software. Some of our customer’s expectations have been highlighted here for you. 

Do you want to discover the full potential of Hotellinx and see how it fits your hotel?

Ask for a free consultation, let’s meet up, and let us show you how Hotellinx can best serve your hotel.