About us

Hotellinx Baltics OÜ

Experienced Hotellinx dealer for over ten years

Hotellinx Baltics OÜ has provided complete software solutions and support services to hotels, spas, and restaurants throughout the Baltics for over ten years.

Our team consists of experienced IT professionals who know Hotellinx software and hotel management. Thanks to our knowledge, experience, and professionalism, we can offer our customers a high-quality, fast, and sustainable service.

We create a whole between the systems used in the accommodation and increase the efficiency of your hotel and guest satisfaction.

Hotellinx Baltics OÜ cooperates effectively with tourism and hotel schools.

We focus on the customer

We value our customers, base their actions on their needs, and find suitable solutions. We consider it essential that the client knows and perceives the benefits of our work.

We are stronger together

Close cooperation, based on mutual trust and exchanging experiences and ideas, helps us grow together and create even better and incredible results.

We create results

We are committed to our goals and strive to achieve them. We find solutions, not excuses, and analyze every setback, coming out of all situations more competent and decisive.

The model of perfection

We have clear and easy-to-follow rules that ensure certainty. We deal with all the important things before they become a problem. Small gains are crucial for a long-term goal.

Do you want to discover the full potential of Hotellinx and see how it fits your hotel?

Ask for a free consultation, let’s meet up, and let us show you how Hotellinx can best serve your hotel.